Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mute Math in Philly

I can't find any write ups from this show on the 25th of September. Two things to describe Mute Math shows. 1. The most electrifying show you will ever see, ever! and 2. You have to experience it for yourself. I first heard the name Mute Math on XPN one afternoon. Sounding like an interesting name, so I thought I would check the band on this here Internet. I was glad that I did, they instantly became one of my favorite bands. Their electronic rock style of music was something that I had never heard before and was loving it.

I first saw them a few years ago at the TLA and I was really impressed, they actually made my Top 5 concert list with that show. I was very impressed and Paul Meany was crazy on stage, actually the entire band was crazy on stage. For months (years) I was anticipating anything new Mute Math that I could get my hands on to. Their S/T album and energetic, frantic, quick, raw, and just an all around great electronic rock album. Typical is the major single off that album that started to make a lot of noise for the boys. I found the Reset EP and loved that as well. Peculiar People is probably my favorite song off their EP. Finally their 2nd album came out and at first listen I was disappointed. I enjoyed the album, but it wasn't so much like their S/T. After a few more listens, I think it has become one of my favorite albums of all time. You could see the growth and maturity from the band and their were taking themselves to new levels.

So now the second show at the TLA. Sold out this time and deservingly so. I planned ahead and bought my tickets the first day available, only to come and find out that I had previously purchased U2 tickets at Giants Stadium that same day. I was crushed because these are 2 of my favorite bands. Only thing worse could have been if Nada Surf was playing the same day, thankfully they weren't. Eventually I exchanged my U2 tickets to the Thursday night show so I was set. There was some first time Mute Math concert goers around me and I told them to anticipate one crazy show. They were impressed with the energy from As Tall As Lions(which is one of my top 10 favorite bands), who was the opening band. I was impressed with them as well and they are a great band, but Mute Math was the reason I was there. Once Mute Math came out I was slowly disappointed because they did not come out like they did the first time they did at the TLA. Less energy, slower songs, etc. I suppose I should have anticipated this because Armistice is much slower, thought out, and mature. As they got through a few songs, I thought to myself, this is what I should have expected because of the growth on the 2nd album. I was content and really enjoying the show.

The 2nd half of the show as totally different and it was a great build up. Next thing I know they were still mature and developed as a band, but they went back to their roots to end the show. Hyper, energizing, refreshing, loud, explosive! At one point Paul starts to stand on his keyboard, Greg is jumping around and Darren playing the drums as crazy as ever. Paul throws the microphone out into the crowd and crowd surfs while not missing a beat to the song. To top it off Darren does something I have never seen from any band before, he throws his bass drum out into the crowd and then stands on top of it. CRAZINESS! The band is playing, Darren is standing on his drum in the crowd as they hold him up and then he does a front flip onto the stage. The encore was extra long, which was great because NO ONE wanted to go home. Not many bands play more than a two song encore, Mute Math gave the crowd a lot extra. Not to mention they play for almost 2 hours, what band can do that who only has 2 albums out and 1 ep? Not many, this goes to show how great their music really is. After I walked out of there I couldn't believe the show I just saw. If you have never been to a Mute Math show, now is the time to go see them, travel to NYC or DC if you have to, well, well worth it.

Just a little side note...don't miss your 3rd chance to see As Tall As Lions in 4 months, November 14th with another great electronic rock band Minus The Bear at the Note in West Chester, PA.

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