Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hezekiah Jones...can't wait for the new EP and Album

I first heard Hezekiah Jones open up for Hayden back in mid 2008.  I instantly loved the folk music and the beautifully crafted lyrics. Excerpts taken from their myspace page...Studio Hezekiah Jones is Raphael Cutrufello who writes the songs and plays piano, guitar, rhodes piano, harmonica, melodica, slide whistle, vocals, pots and pans, kazoo,xylophone, accordian, along with many others on every other instrument you can think of. Live Hezekiah Jones is Raph and variations of different people and instruments. Raph's lyrics are just amazingly constructed, his sound is prefect. I sat there last night thinking to myself, "Gosh, I wish I had extra money laying around so I could help fund this guy because he has so much talent."

When I first saw Hezekiah Jones, it was just Raph playing solo. It probably wasn't until the 4th or 5th time that I saw them play that I realized that there was actually a band that played with Raph. Every time I see HJ play, I am never let down. Last night I had the chance to see the full band play with two other great Philadelphia artists; Christopher Bohn and Joshua Park. This is the 2nd time I have had the chance to see this bill and the 3 of them never seem to disappoint.

 I had the chance to talk to Raphael last night before the show. I was really hoping that the new EP would be available. Unfortunately it was not. I have to wait until November to get it. There is nothing wrong with the previous EP and LP, but I want some new music. Luckily we had the chance to hear two new songs off the EP last night which was exciting because Raph had just got done saying that he doesn't like to play new songs until they are released. Thanks for playing them Raph. I highly recommend that you give Hezekiah Jones a listen, especially if you like inide/folk music. Simply beautiful.

Click here to link up to their Myspace Page

Some great tunes to listen to are Cupcakes for the Army, Albert Hash, Agnes of the World, Postpone, Dark Hollow, and How You Feel About Traveling, I've Got A Little Room.

I also have to mention that I had some great craft beers last night to share with Rich. I had Southern Tier Pum King and a 2006 Stone Double Bastard.  Oh, oh so good! The Double Bastard had a great smell, went down smooth, it was amazing. As far as Pumpkin beers, Southern Tier, Shipyard, and Dogfish Head are my favorite. I also bought the new Heavy Seas Imperial Great Pumpkin to try later. Cheers!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some bands to check out, concerts, etc

I have been into this band from Philadelphia for awhile now.  They are called Canadian Invasion and for some reason I just can't get enough of them. They are def worth checking out. They are an indie/pop/rock band as described on their Myspace page. I hear why this band is labeled "pop," but I don't think they are much pop as they are indie rock. I like it all a lot. 

Another band that I have been into very recently is The Rocketboys. Another solid Indie/Ambient/Rock band out of Texas. From their Myspace page...

Residing now in Austin, The Rocketboys continue to improve their signature sound, described by The Austin American-Statesman as showing “a mastery of mood and subtlety” and complimenting singer Brandon Kinder’s soaring melodies with “clear, ringing guitars and full-bodied keyboard arrangements, hard-driving drum lines and well-practiced transitions between calm and controlled chaos."
Their newest effort, and debut full-length album, 20,000 Ghosts, was engineered by Louie Lino (Nada Surf, Matt Pond PA). Describing the new album, guitarist Daniel Wheeler said, “20,000 Ghosts displays a new range of diversity and maturity in our music, while maintaining the pop-sensibility that fans have come to love. We try to find the balance between a light, drum-driven brand of indie rock and darker, more atmospheric sounds coupled with lyrics and melodies you can’t get out of your head.”
20,000 Ghosts was released in late September and The Rocketboys will be touring North America in October.

I have a few new concerts coming up that I am really looking forward to here in Philly.  This Friday October 9, I am going to check out Hezekiah Jones once again for the 5th time? Probably more. Something about this guy...he just writes good music. The following Friday I am going to see Matt Duke who I first heard on XPN. Matt writes some good music and I love both of his albums.  Both of these shows are at Burlap and Bean. October 21st I am going to make a strong attempt to see The Rocketboys at some small unknown location in Philly called The Blockley Pourhouse. This is a weekday show and they are hard for me to make, but I am really interested in this band's sound.

To start off November I would like to check out a band from my hometown, Train. They have had a few hit singles and have made a great name for themselves. I know they have hit Top 40 status in years past, but the current ticket price for their shows is something like $40+.  I just bought U2 tickets for a grand total(all fees included) for $60. I have a hard time justifying this $40+ price. November 8th is The Swell Season which I am pumped for. I saw them once a few years back and it was great. This next one is still up in the air. November 14th is a good possibility of seeing Minus the Bear and As Tall As Lions in West Chester. I also have another great event going on that day which might stop me from this concert, no biggie seeing I just saw ATAL and I know MTB will be back supporting their new album. But I am very excited to see Minus the Bear for the first time.  Lastly for Nov. is a band called Blind Pilot. Again, a weekday show so this might be hard to get to and yes I do like their album, but we will see.

December sees an early show in The Bacon Brothers at the Electric Factory. This is a benefit concert for The Mummers. I am really excited about this show. I enjoy Kevin and Michael Bacon's music and I think with the Mummers, this will be very exciting.

I think this rounds out my shows for the 2009 year.  There really isn't an etc. section to this blog... so enjoy your day!