Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Music Today

Music genres have changed over times since the mid 1990’s. It started out as 80’s rock and shifted towards grunge music with the label Sub Pop out of Seattle in the mid 90’s. Soon after we saw a shift from grunge to pop rock as MTV started to gain more popularity with its reality TV shows. MP3’s started to gain popularity over CD’s and so did rap music over grunge and pop rock. Gangster rap made its way into the spotlight in 2000 and then it shifted to pop rap. Around 2003, punk rock and emo music made its way into the scene and gain popularity on MTV. Kids started dressing differently again and started wearing their hair long. Pop rap and emo music still fills the airways, but now America is seeing pure pop music, Top 40 style music, take over the airways again like it did in the 50’s and 60’s.
Pop music has now become “PC” rap and emo music. These music types are ok if this is the music that a person is into. I personally find it hard to listen to because most of the artists sound the exact same as the previous one. They started out by making crappy music in their basement while listening to a band they liked that had no musical talent. These bands copy each others’ hairstyles, clothing, and lifestyles. They don’t stand for anything, they don’t believe in anything. I believe what makes this music so popular is the fact that people in America are afraid to stand out, to be different; they are afraid what others might think of them. What happened to the times when you worked to make money for your family, not working to be able to afford the most expensive things at the local mall? As America has changed and has become a lack of quality, so has its’ music. It is time for more people to start making changes in their lives and that includes what they believe in and the music that influences them.
I have found two musical genres to be really inspiring to me over my years here on this Earth. Punk/Hardcore & Indie music. These two types of genres have really given me a code to live by and things to believe in. I started listening to Punk/Hardcore music when I was in the awkward teen years and didn’t know where to turn. Even thought the music was fast and seemed mean, there is actually a lot of love and support in this music, more hardcore than punk, but they put out a good message. Hardcore believes in family, friends, being original and supportive of others. Punk believes in doing this DIY style and caring less about what others think of you and being yourself. Indie music has started to make more of a presence on the music scene today and is bringing along a lot some good values. A lot of the artists I listen to believe in human rights, animal rights, creativity, support for one another, love, friendship, and most importantly, life. These artists want to spread their word and stand up for what they believe in. It is a rare occurrence now a days to find people who believe in something different and aren’t afraid to stand up to those leaders and tell them differently.
I may not know everything or much at all, but I have a system that I live by. Music has helped me find love, friendship, freedom, beliefs, and peace. I encourage all 12 year olds to start taking an interest in music and decide what they want to do with their lives. Now is the time to make a difference, 10 years ago was a time to make a difference and I think we are starting to see some of that change. Don’t be afraid to listen to something different, don’t be afraid to stand up for what you think is right. Music has changed over the last 30 years and so do people. Accept the difference in people and their ideas, but come to an agreement. Let’s move away from the “Pop 40” music and the people who don’t believe in much but materials and start listening to someone with a message. Cheers! Brain

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