Monday, February 23, 2009

Ticket Fees

I can't handle it anymore...I'm livid with these ticket fees. I remember back when I was a teenager and not understanding why Pearl Jam refused to work with ticketmaster and they didn't tour for years. A lot of fan got mad at PJ for not touring. Last year I went to 20 shows and it was the best concert year of my life. I loved all the shows and I was willing to pay the price for shows. Now this year I have purchased tickets for 5 shows and have already reached almost $500 for tickets so far this year. Do you want to know what most of the money is??? It is damn TICKET FEES! These ticket fees are total BS. I just purchased tickets off of Live Nation for the Keane show and the tickets were $32. Not bad considering. The ticket fees were $15 dollars, that's right, $15 dollars. Thats almost half the ticket. I have so much for Pearl Jam now sticking up for their fans and not letting companies like Live Nation and Ticketmaster rape their fans. And now companies like Ticketmaster own companies like Ticketexchange where they get to sell tickets that are marked up 50% + and rip fans off even more. This is crazy...and we are in a economic crisis. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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